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  • Can I record my vocals on King Tracks for promotion or sale?
    Yes you need a license to be able to record your voice on a King Tracks recording whether it be for promotion or sale.
  • How much are the rights to record my voice on King Tracks?
    1. For a CD recording each song is $225. The copyright purchase entitles you to 2000 copies. 2. For internet use (using a King Tracks recording on your web site with your vocals added) is $150 per year, unlimited song usage. However, a copyright license still needs to be purchased per song in order to record your vocals on the track. This includes audio and video.
  • Can I make copies for trade or sale?
    It is illegal and against copyright laws to make copies and distribute, whether or not you take money for the distribution.
  • Can I enter contests using King Tracks?
    Yes you may enter contests using King Tracks recordings.
  • Is there a minimum song purchase for a custom cd?
    There is no minimum amount of songs. You can purchase as little as one song if you choose. Each song is $10. Shipping is $5 per order (not per song) to the U.S. and Canada. Outside the U.S. or Canada is $15.
  • Do you carry CD+G's?
    King Tracks does not carry CD+G's. The graphics that enable the lyrics to be broadcast on a television screen take up too much space on a disc.
  • What is Aloha Raw?
    The Aloha Raw series of songs are songs that Elvis rehearsed before the Aloha concert. When Elvis was rehearsing he used the TCB Band and limited back up singers. (No horns or orchestra)

Usage and media rights

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